Quiz for Lessons 136 – 140 – Parts of the Sentence – Pronouns

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Instructions: Choose the correct form of the pronoun and tell why you chose it.
1. (Whom, who) can (we, us) get to do the job?
2. (They, them) saw (we, us) at the horse races.
3. (She, Her) was not answering (him, he) at that time.
4. The captains will be Paul and (me, I).
5. The women saw (us, we) boys at the store.
6. Did (we, us) choose (them, they) for our dates?
7. The teacher wants one person, (her, she).
8. (We, Us) boys, Bob and (me, I) captured those two girls, Emily and (her, she).
9. It certainly must be (them, they).
10. (Who, Whom) invited (him, he) to the party?
–For answers scroll down.

1. Whom – direct object, we – subject
2. They – subject, us – direct object
3. She – subject, him – direct object
4. I – predicate nominative
5. us – direct object
6. we – subject, them – direct object
7. her – appositive to the direct object
8. We – subject, I – appositive to subject, her – appositive to direct object
9. they – predicate nominative
10. Who – subject, him – direct object

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