Quiz for Lessons 31-35 – Parts of Speech – Adjectives

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Instructions: Find all the adjectives in these sentences.
1. Our first idea met with many strong complaints.
2. The happy shout from the three frolicking children greeted their dad on his return.
3. Star Wars is an exciting movie for most people.
4. The flooded basement caused terrible damage.
5. The Johanson family just returned from a hot, exhausting trip to Arizona.
–For answers scroll down.

1. Our, first, many, strong
2. The, happy, the, three, frolicking, their, his
3. an, exciting, most
4. The, flooded, terrible
5. The, Johanson, a, hot, exhausting

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from Daily Grammar Lessons Blog http://dailygrammarlessons.blogspot.com/2018/10/quiz-for-lessons-31-35-parts-of-speech.html

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