Lesson 32 – Parts of Speech – Adjectives

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Other pronouns can also be used as adjectives, but they are not always adjectives as the seven mentioned in Lesson 31. Demonstrative pronouns, this, that, these, those; interrogative pronouns, whose, which, what; and indefinite pronouns, another, any, both, each, either, many, neither, one, other, some; when used with a noun become adjectives. Cardinal and ordinal numbers can be adjectives. Examples: ten students (cardinal), the tenth student (ordinal). Pronouns used as adjectives are called pronominal adjectives.

Instructions: List the adjectives in these sentences.
1, Whose car is that red one in the driveway?
2. Those drapes go well with this brown carpet.
3. The two men were wondering what signal had brought many people to their rescue.
4. The third person entering the city park won another prize.
5. That tie is a good one for this suit.
–For answers scroll down.

1. Whose, that, red, the
2. Those, this, brown
3. The, two, what, many, their
4. The, third, the, city, another
5. That, a, good, this

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