Quiz for Lessons 211-215 – Parts of the Sentence – Verbals – Gerunds

Instructions: Find the gerunds and gerund phrases in the following sentences and tell how they are used (subject, direct object, predicate nominative, appositive, indirect object, or object of the preposition).
1. Cooking gourmet meals can be very expensive.
2. NASA likes shooting at the moon.
3. You need a rereading of the script.
4. Our only hope is taking them by surprise.
5. That man was known for sparing the rod.
6. You cannot do that, parking near a fire hydrant.
7. Our task, driving on that road, was very difficult.
8. Try doing it this way.
9. Just thinking of traveling in space excites many people.
10. I find relaxation in my gardening.
–For answers scroll down.

1. cooking gourmet meals = subject
2. shooting at the moon = direct object
3. a rereading of the script = direct object
4. taking them by surprise = predicate nominative
5. sparing the rod = object of the preposition
6. parking near a fire hydrant = appositive
7. driving on that road = appositive
8. doing it this way = direct object
9. just thinking of traveling in space = subject/traveling in space = object of the preposition
10. my gardening = object of the preposition

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