Angry Birds: 2nd Conditional

I. What would you do in the following situations? Talk with your friend and follow the example.
1. You are in line and the person behind you keeps bumping on your back.
Ex: I would not do anything.
2. Someone keeps on disturbing your leisure reading time.
3. Someone makes fun of your looks.
4. Someone wakes you up because he/she is inappropriately noisy.
5. Someome sneezes a few times on your popcorn bag in the movie theater.
6. A doctor uses a tiny rubber hammer on your knee to test your reflexes, but it hurts you.
7. Someone is flirting with you, but when you eventually decide to take action and approach the person, you realize he/she is aiming at anther person, not you.
II. Now watch the movie segment and check what Red, the bird, did in those situations. How similar were your answers and Red’s reaction?

from Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals


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