Lesson 187 – Parts of the Sentence – Review

Instructions: Using all the knowledge learned in the previous lessons, find the verb (v), subjects (subj), predicate nominatives (pn), direct objects (do), appositives (app), nouns of address (na), adjectives (adj), predicate adjectives (pa), adverbs (adv), prepositions (prep), objects of the preposition (op), and prepositional phrases (p ph) in the following sentences.
1. The man with his boxes of candy stumbled and collapsed.
2. The necklace was placed in the display case in the window of the jewelry store.
3. Those immense factories on the southwest side are changing our city.
4. The man in the first car is the new governor.
5. Many of the citizens had hated the plan from the beginning.
–For answers scroll down.

1. stumbled/collapsed = v; man = subj; the = adj. modifying man; with his boxes modifying man/of candy modifying boxes = p ph; with/of = prep; boxes/candy = op; his = adj. modifying boxes
2. was placed = v; necklace = subj; the = adj. modifying necklace; in the display case modifying was placed/in the window modifying case/of the jewelry store modifying window = p ph; in/in/of = prep; case/window/store = op; the/display = adj. modifying case; the = adj. modifying window; the/jewelry = adj. modifying store
3. are changing = v; factories = subj; city = do; those/immense = adj. modifying factories; our = adj. modifying city; on the southwest side = p ph modifying factories; on = prep; side = op; the/southwest = adj. modifying side
4. is = v; man = subj; governor = pn; the = adj modifying man; the/new = adj modifying governor; in the first car = p ph modifying man; in = prep; car = op; the/first = adj modifying car
5. had hated = v; many = subj; plan = do; the = adj modifying plan; of the citizens modifying many/from the beginning modifying had hated = p ph; of/from = prep; citizens/beginning = op; the = adj modifying citizens; the = adj modifying beginning

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