Lesson 98 – Parts of the Sentence – Subject/Verb

Sometimes a sentence can have two or more verbs called a compound verb. A compound verb is joined by either a co-ordinate conjunction or a correlative conjunction. Example: The bell rang and rang.
Instructions: Find the subject, verb/verbs, and conjunctions in these sentences.
1. Carl listened carefully but heard nothing.
2. The car raced down the road and hit a tree.
3. The audience stood and cheered the performance.
4. The men caught, cooked, and ate the fish.
5. Sue either has done the job or will do it now.
–For answers scroll down.

1. Carl – subject; listened, heard – verbs; but – conjunction
2. car – subject; raced, hit – verbs; and – conjunction
3. audience – subject; stood, cheered – verbs; and – conjunction
4. men – subject; caught, cooked, ate – verbs; and – conjunction
5. Sue – subject; has done, will do – verbs; either, or – conjunction

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