Quiz for Lessons 21-25 – Parts of Speech – Pronouns

Instructions: Find the personal pronouns. Tell if they are intensive, reflexive, or possessive, and if they have an antecedent, name it.
1. I want you yourself to come tomorrow.
2. The decision itself is yours to make.
3. She gave herself up to the police.
4. My brother gave me his pet snake.
5. You can tie your shoe by yourself.
–For answers scroll down.

1. I, you and yourself are pronouns. Yourself is intensive and you is its antecedent.
2. Itself and yours are pronouns. Itself is intensive, and yours is possessive.  Decision is the antecedent for itself.
3. She and herself are pronouns. Herself is reflexive and has she as the antecedent.
4. My, me and his are pronouns. My and his are possessives, and brother is the antecedent of his.
5. You, your and yourself are pronouns. Yourself is a reflexive pronoun, and you is the antecedent for your and yourself. Your is possessive.

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