Lesson 20 – Parts of Speech – Nouns

Three other specific classifications for nouns are collective nouns, count nouns, and mass nouns. Collective nouns name groups, such as team, class, and choir. Count nouns can be counted. You can use a, an, many, or a number before count nouns. Examples include: one boy, six sheep, and many days. Mass nouns are not countable and include words like gasoline, water, and dirt.
Instructions: Find the nouns in these sentences and classify them as collective nouns, count nouns, or mass nouns.
1. Get some gasoline, or the class will be late arriving.
2. The alien group should come by bus soon.
3. The orchestra will be playing in the arena in the evening.
4. The water at the beach was covered with oil.
–For answers scroll down.

1. gasoline – mass; class – collective
2. group – collective; bus – count
3. orchestra – collective; arena and evening – count
4. water and oil – mass; beach – count

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