Lesson 347 – Mechanics – Punctuation – Commas

Use commas to separate a series of three or more words. Example: I dropped my pencil, papers, and books. (The comma before the conjunction and is optional, but I prefer using it.)
Use no commas between two or more words usually thought of as being one item. Example: We ate hamburgers, pork and beans, and potato chips.
Use no commas in a series when all items are joined by or, and, or nor.Example: You dance and sing and play well.
Instructions: Place commas where they are needed.
1. I have seen many gold silver and copper mines.
2. People in the United States can travel by air rail or water.
3. The girl waved leaned over and fell into the pool.
4. My wife likes a meal of a glass of grape juice a fresh salad and spaghetti and meat balls.
5. At the resort we can hike and swim and ski all we want.
–For answers scroll down.

1. gold, silver, and copper
2. air, rail, or water
3. waved, leaned over, and fell
4. a glass of grape juice, a fresh salad, and spaghetti and meat balls. (Spaghetti and meat balls are considered one item.)
5. no commas needed

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