Lesson 318 – Mechanics – Capitalization

Capitalize the official names of governmental officers, offices, and bodies. When referring to the President of the United States, always capitalize President, and capitalize names of other officers when used in place of specific individuals. Examples: He works for the State Department. The Secretary of State will visit here tomorrow. I am not guilty, Judge!
Instructions: Capitalize each word that needs a capital letter.
1. mr. speaker, i will yield to the senator from utah.
2. The attorney general and the president are meeting now.
3. He was a county judge after leaving the senate.
4. The secretary of agriculture is speaking to congress at noon.
5. It has been a pleasure to serve you, president.
–For answers scroll down.

1. Mr. Speaker/I/Senator/Utah
2. Attorney General/President
3. Senate
4. Secretary of Agriculture/Congress
5. President

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